I have worked in the Newspaper business since the late 80's both as a photographer and as a picture editor, mostly at Swedens second largest morning paper, Göteborgs-Posten.

For the last seven years I worked full time as a photographer and I also did a lot of SLR videography since the demands in Newspapers are shifting more towards the Web.

In september 2014 I decided to start out as a freelance photographer, videographer, editor and picture editor. 

Right now I am working with a number of different projects, a lot of the focusing on outdoor and flyfishing, but also portrait photography and magazine editing.   

Basically all of my spare time is spent either flyfishing or photographing flyfishing, I have an interest in photographing all of the aspects of flyfishing,

from flytying to insects and casting.

Flyfishing have brought me to many wonderful places around the world, and thru this fantastic pursuit I've also had the good fortune to meet a lot of nice people.

To me there has always been a strong connection between flyfishing and photography, there is a very graphic and visual aspect to flyfishing that I like.

These images are an example of the work I do. I Hope they are to your liking.

Ulf Börjesson



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