Photographer Joakim Strömholm presenting his fathers, Christer Strömholms, pictures at gallery Strandverket
New Zealand back country. Some hard hiking and a bit of determination can take you to places that are beyond comprehension. This is wilderness.
New Zealand blue skies, the only place that can rival Montanas "Big Sky"
Looking at the mighty Missouri from the old bridge in Craig, Montana. Caddis are thick in the air and the day had been beyond belief with Wolfpacks of trout rising to spent caddis.
Scandinavian northern rivers and their light around midsummer when the sun never sets. This is the stuff that dreams are made of.
Blue and Gold. A wild Brown turns in the surface before making another run for it.
Searun Browns in the sea on the Swedish Westcoast. The magic steely light of early spring.
Small creeks in the South of Sweden can hold some big surprises. The Brown Trout here goes to ten ponds or more.
The beauty of a Wild Brown is magical. All these fish are personalities with their coloration and patterns.
There is great joy even in the smallest of fish!
Scandinavian Midnite at Midsummer and the sun just turns on the horizon.
Slippery when Wet. This big brown just didn't wanna pose for the release photo.
It just can't be all perfect. Northern Scandinavia in the summer means Mosquitos. In millions. Just tough it out, because it's well worth it!
In Englands green and pleasant land. The Derbyshire Wye at Monsal Head in Derbyshire, England. A beautiful river that meanders thru a fantastic landscape.
Walking along Slough Creek in Yellowstone in a Blizzard. Despite snow and cold the Olives hatched in the afternoon and Yellowstone Cutts rose to the size 22's
A big Yellowstone Cutthroat rising to emerging May Flies in the clear waters of Yellowstone River. Even though this is a picture taken in low light which makes it more grainy than I normally like, the crystalline quality of the water makes it one of my favorite pictures.
My friend Stefan making coffee over a campfire. This is as much a ritual as a necessity in a day fishing small streams.
Cafe Brauerhof, one of Wiennas classic old Cafés where the waiter is adressed politely and you can still smoke and bring your dog for an afternoon coffee. From a story about cultural capitals in Europe.
Wiennas Heldenplatz in a late snowstorm, it was from a balcony at Heldenplatz that Adolf Hitler declared the "Anschluss", that Austria had been "joined" with Germany. From a story about cultural capitals in Europe.
Actor Sven Wollter.
Author Denise Mina at Garnethill in Glasgow. Garnethill was also the name of her first Novel.
Artist Olle Ljungström. This picture was also selected as cover photo for Olles Album "Så mycket Olle Ljungström".

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